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Internet access

All active NES students, staff and faculty are provided with free and secure Internet access over cable and wireless.

1. To access Interent through cable you should be connected to NES cable network and should be an authorized NES user. All outbound and inbound traffic is filtered through proxy server to prevent any threats. To connect to Internet you should change your browser settings to use HTTP proxy port 8080 (A "how-to" change your proxy settings in different browsers is available here.)
The following protocols are allowed: HTTP,HTTPS, FTP,UDP, SMTP, POP3 No e2k or peer-to-peer and filesharing software and transactions are allowed. If the user is proven to have violated these regulations will have his\hers Internet access right revoked. Also downloading huge amounts of data is prohibited. Any large amount of data being downloaded is subject to investigation. Violators will be have their Internet access right revoked. 

2. To access Internet through wireless connection please see NES WiFi page.