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NES provides access to scientific subscriptions www.jstor.org and www.sciencedirect.com 
To recieve access you'll have to submit a signed request (attached below) to NES IT dept (room 1717).

To access subscriptions select one of two links: 

1. To access jstor.org follow the appropriate link.

2. Then enter your NES network credentials (the ones that you use to access your account in NES network or e-mail outside it) If you experience problems or not sure about your credentials, please, address IT dept for help.

3. After you've been authorized you'll be forwarded to the following window:

4. As soon as only Economics section is open for NES - you'll be able to search:


Same for sciencedirect.com:

1. Choose the appropriate link.
2. Authorize
3. Search or browse Economics and Econometrics section:

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