About us

  • NES Information Technology Department provides innovative, reliable, and integrated technology solutions, quality services, and information resources to students, staff and faculty.
The Information Technology Department will:
  • Be a recognized and effective force in using technology to support the ongoing mission and goals of New Economic School;
  • Be a national exemplar in providing advanced, innovative technology solutions in higher education, and in using technology to streamline and simplify the business and lessen the process loads of people within the NES community;
  • Be a leader in the seamless integration of the NES system and an enabling force for the delivery of its services to the students, staff and faculty;
  • Work with partners across Russia for a more effective use of technology by all throughout the country;
  • Provide services to enable effective communication, collaboration, and coordination among the components of the NES system to enhance teaching, learning, research, and public service;
  • Be recognized for excellence in achieving customer satisfaction and providing high quality customer service and information delivery.

NES IT dept uses KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to access its effectiveness on a monthly basis. 
KPI Index is the result of 
  • Total numbers of Incidents;
  • Mean elapsed time to achieve Incident resolution or circumvention, broken down by severity status;
  • Percentage of Incidents handled within agreed response time (Incident response-time targets specified in SLA);
  • Average cost per Incident - Percentage of Incidents closed by the Service Desk without reference to other levels of support;
  • Incidents processed per Service Desk specialist;
  • Number and percentage of Incidents resolved remotely, without the need for a visit;
  • Number Of Calls Abandoned;
KPI index will be available here beginning March 2010.

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